Celebrate Beauty and Resilience with NUXE Very Rose, honoring National Cancer Survivor Month.

Celebrate Beauty and Resilience with NUXE Very Rose, honoring National Cancer Survivor Month.

June is National Cancer Survivor Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the courage and resilience of those who have faced cancer and emerged victorious. This month recognizes the journeys of millions of cancer survivors, highlighting their strength and the advancements in cancer treatment and care.

Among the various types of cancer, breast cancer stands out as the most prevalent, accounting for approximately 12.5% of all new cancer cases worldwide each year. This statistic underscores the significance of breast cancer awareness, research, and support, as we honor survivors and work towards a future with improved outcomes for all affected by this disease.

How to Check for Potential Signs of Breast Cancer


Early detection plays a vital role in combating breast cancer; thus, consistent self-examinations and proper clinical screenings are imperative for preserving breast health. The following are measures you can take to check for indications:

Breast Self-Exam (BSE) - Stand in front of a mirror and visually inspect your breasts for any changes in size, shape, or skin texture. Raise your arms and examine your breasts for lumps, knots, or alterations in texture or tenderness.
Check for nipple discharge or changes in nipple position. Lie down and use your opposite hand's three middle fingers to gently palpate the breast tissue in a circular motion, covering the entire breast area.
Pay attention to any unusual lumps or changes during this examination.
Clinical Breast Exam - Schedule an annual clinical breast exam with a healthcare professional who is trained to detect abnormalities in breast tissue.
Mammography - Depending on your age and risk factors, discuss with your healthcare provider when to start regular mammograms, which are X-ray examinations of the breast tissue designed to detect abnormalities, even before they can be felt.
Stay Informed - Keep yourself informed about the latest breast cancer screening guidelines and recommendations.
Consult a Healthcare Professional - If you notice any concerning changes in your breasts, such as lumps, skin dimpling, or nipple discharge, consult a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.

Practicing Self-Care During Cancer

A cancer diagnosis impacts the emotional and mental well-being of patients, including their families and caregivers. This life-changing event may encompass feelings of anxiety, distress, and depression.

Self-care is important for cancer patients as studies have shown that it can reduce the effects of stress as well as sleep disruptions. It can also help build resilience and focus. It does not have to be expensive or time-consuming – it can be simply making time for things that make you feel fulfilled.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Journaling


Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help with relaxation, managing anxiety and coping with depression. You can develop a more profound comprehension of your internal conflicts while also exploring external challenges.

This process brings your problems to the forefront, so you can visualize potential solutions and start addressing them.

2) Take a walk

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Physical activities do not have to be vigorous or should be done for a long time. Walking improves your overall health since it can enhance your cardiovascular fitness, boost bone strength, lessen body fat and boost muscle power and endurance.

3) Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with family and friends nourishes our emotional well-being and strengthens the bond. Your loved ones provide a support system, offering comfort during difficult times and increase joy in moments of celebration. It also fosters open communication, trust and a sense of security which creates a stable foundation for personal growth and resilience.

4) Aromatherapy


The inhalation or topical application of fragrant oils can reduce stress, anxiety and depression which contributes to relaxation and improved mood. It also enhances sleep quality, soothes headaches, and relieves muscle tension as well as pain.

5) Skincare


Chemotherapy may lead to several skin-related side effects such as dryness, sensitivity, and rashes. During cancer treatment, the skin requires additional tender loving care, and utilizing calming skincare products can be beneficial.

Presenting the Very Rose Range by NUXE, a line that utilizes the calming and restorative qualities of the Damascena Rose, renowned for its significant skincare advantages. This collection offers a variety of products designed to nurture various skin types, promoting a more radiant and even complexion.

5101_NUXE Very Rose Cleansing Delicious Cleansing Foam (150ml)_3.png

Explore the Very Rose Light Cleansing Foam for a gentle cleansing experience. Its delightful rose scent and effective formula cleanse and soothe the skin while preserving its natural equilibrium. Enriched with Rose Floral Water, it removes impurities without stripping the skin of moisture.

5105_NUXE Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist (200ml)_3.png

The Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist offers a dual-purpose solution for facial hydration. It not only removes makeup but also revitalizes the skin, providing an immediate soothing effect with its Allantoin component. This fine mist refreshes and leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable.

5102_NUXE Very Rose Delicate Cleansing Oil (150ml)_2.png

For an effective makeup remover, try the Very Rose Delicate Cleansing Oil. It's designed to dissolve even resistant or waterproof makeup. With its silky texture enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, it turns into a creamy emulsion upon contact with water, restoring the skin's smoothness and providing comfort without a greasy residue.

5105_NUXE Very Rose Refreshing Toning Mist (200ml)_3.png

And for fans of micellar water, the Very Rose 3-in-1 Hydrating Micellar Water is an excellent choice. Charged with Rose Floral Water, it removes makeup and cleanses the skin. Formulated with a 100% botanical-origin Skin-Respect Complex, it offers calming benefits for dry to very dry skin types.

In conclusion, National Cancer Survivor Month serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of early detection, prevention, support, and research in the ongoing battle against cancer.

But amidst this global campaign, let us not forget the importance of self-care for those facing the challenges of this disease.

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