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Uriage Xemose SOS Anti-Itch Mist

Uriage Xemose SOS Anti-Itch Mist

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  • Soothes in less than 60 seconds*
  • Nourishes Intensely
  • Ultra-light texture, quick absorption & no need to wait to get dressed
  • Unscented
  • Volume : 200ml
  • Awards: Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2023 – DV Team’s Faves (Best Facial Mist)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It smells slightly medicated with milky watery texture

Was skeptical about Uriage anti itch mist at first. Decided to give it a try since my dry rashes had been bothering me for almost a year!! I applied once or whenever it get itchy. It smells slightly medicated with milky watery texture. But wow, just look at the results! Now I am more confident to wear shorts !

Jamie Soong
It help alleviates my itch

I'm not sure if I have eczema, but I find myself itching in my legs (especially behind the knees) quite often, and sometimes on my thighs. For this trial, I have taken pictures of behind my knee as it is the area that has a lot of inflammation. I find the spray effective as it lives up to its 60sec soothing promise. However, I do find that the spray leaves a sticky feeling on my skin and it makes my floor quite sticky too as I usually use this at my vanity table before I sleep. Overall it is an ok experience as it help alleviates my itch. The only downside is the stickiness.

Jessie Gay
Good in keeping my skin moisturized

If I'm using it in a Aircon room it's really good in keeping my skin moisturized. However if I'm in a hot and humid place like outdoor the oil in the product will mix with my sweat and make me feel sticky and oily. After experiencing the product for 2 weeks I will only be using where I know I won't be sweating later. If I'm planning to do housework, do cooking or exercise then I won't use as I will sweat and feel sticky afterwards.

Tammy Tang
Helped me ease some very persistent itch many times.

I've had sensitive skin with eczema since I was young. So using steroid creams or ointments have been prescribed to me very often. And I know very well that using these steroid creams too much can make my skin very skin & too reliant on it. That's why I always try to look for non-steroid products to help ease the itch. Uriage's Xemose SOS Anti-Itch Mist has helped me ease some very persistent itch many times. Sometimes 2-3 sprays are needed & I don't have to worry too much because it's non-steroid.

Calm the redness and rebalance my skin

this product has so far proven its ability to calm the redness and rebalance my skin each time